What Are the Best Filling Materials for Front Teeth?

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What Are the Best Filling Materials for Front Teeth?

Walking around with damaged teeth isn’t an option, but filling your visible teeth with metal isn’t much of one, either. Find out how we can solve your oral health problems without ruining your aesthetic.

The only thing worse than a smile problem is ending up no better off after trying to fix it. 

That was the reality for folks in the past who needed dental fillings on their front teeth. They either suffered at the hands of a progressive oral health issue or attempted to overcome it with a shiny metal “patch” that told the world they’d had some work done. 

But no longer. 

Drs. Krystle Fenton and Benjamin Radlein at Laguna Vista Dental offer you the best of worlds where dental fillings are concerned. Here’s everything you need to know about how we can restore your tooth’s health and keep your glimmering smile intact. 

Why your front teeth need fillings

The most common reason we use fillings is to fill a cavity in your tooth. When you think of cavities, you might think of the teeth farther back in your mouth that are harder to reach and clean. However, cavities can form on your front teeth as well. 

Trauma, poor oral hygiene, and dental fractures can open the door to bacteria buildup, plaque, and other harmful substances. 

But the last thing you want is shiny metal ruining your smile. 

You had no other choice in the past, but thanks to advances in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, you now have more aesthetically pleasing options than ever. 

How we fill your front teeth

Fillings for front teeth present a problem. Whatever we use has to be equally protective and pleasing to the eye. 

Thankfully, in the 1980s, dentists started to crack the code. They discovered that using composite resin as a filling material would repair damage and closely match the shade of their patients’ natural teeth. 

Over the years, we’ve improved on their discovery. At Laguna Vista Dental, we offer tooth-colored fillings made from isomer, ceramic, and composite resin and can match them  perfectly with the rest of your smile. 

What to expect from your filling appointment

Getting a filling is simple. First, we order X-rays and other imaging tests to gather more information about your teeth and where the damage lies. 

To begin your filling appointment, we numb your mouth and clean and prep the treatment area. Usually, that means creating a deeper hole to remove all traces of bacteria, decay, and damage. We work carefully to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. 

With your tooth cleaned, we fill the cavity and seal it. To finish, we polish the outside of your tooth.  

We offer laser dentistry for our patients who aren’t so keen on dental procedures. Laser dentistry allows us to complete the preparation stages of your filling appointment without anesthesia, injections, loud dental tools, smelly solutions, and other instruments that induce dental anxiety. 

After we fill your cavity, you don’t have to change anything about your oral hygiene routine (unless your habits were poor in the first place). Tooth-colored dental fillings require the same care as natural enamel — which means they can also succumb to the same issues. 

Remember to brush and floss twice daily and see us for a professional cleaning every six months. 

You can also continue your cosmetic dentistry journey and invest in:

Virtually all of our smile makeover services are open to you once we fill your cavities and give your teeth a clean bill of health. 

Do you have a cavity in your front tooth? You can fix it and still sport a great smile. Call or click to request an appointment at our Elk Grove, California, office to get started today.