Patients Reviews

Dr. Fenton and everyone working in her office are wonderful!!!! It was very hard for me to leave my previous dentist of 20+ years. I am so happy with Dr. Fenton and her staff.

Tracy W.
Great work and took care of tooth pain too

Roberta L.
Quick & easy ! Always says hello how are you first, before anything starts ! Ends with anything else I can help you with today ! And tries to accomplish what you as him to go above & beyond, what you ask for.

John G.
I broke a front tooth this morning at 4pm, I called and was seen at 9:30am the same day. I temporary fix was conducted and a diagnoses given. I love this place and the immediate attention they show to me as a patient.

Ron S.
Professional Thorough Attention to Detail/Meticulous Personable Provided one of the best cleanings I’ve had in years! I found myself gliding my tongue across my teeth with pleasure over just how clean they are, not to mention how wonderful they look. Very pleased with Dr. Fenton’s workmanship!

Vena W.
I called Kim to let her know that I chipped a filling and needed to be seen. She said, “Can you come in today?” I was available and she scheduled me for a 2:00pm appointment. I arrived at 2 and the filling was replaced in less that 30 minutes! I was able to get back to work and resume my day pain free!! Thank you Laguna Vista Dental for always being there when I need you!!

Trena E.
I had a special situation that required a quick solution and they didn’t hesitate to help me in a friendly and professional manner, just like always. Thank you.

Abigail P.
Excellent service!!!

Josephine Y.